Dio Brando


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Dio Brando is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros Lawl Nova, who has a 1/20 chance of being summoned. When summoned, Dio will pose as any other assist trophy, standing perfectly still. Upon contact with an enemy, they will be stunned as Dio exclaims "It is I, DIO!" while revealing himself. He then uses the power of his stand, The World, to freeze everything on stage, including the summoner, with a negative tint. He will then disappear and will memetically drop down on a steamroller onto the enemy who touched him, dealing heavy damage. After yelling out his famous "WRYYYYY!", he will disappear, allowing movement on the stage to resume.

Effect Origin

Dio being disguised as someone else is based on the "KONO DIO DA" meme. Based on a scene from the third and forth chapter of The Phantom Blood (and the first episode in the anime), in which Dio kisses Erina Pendleton, this quote was used in parody videos and images where Dio appears when you expected someone or something else. His Steamroller attack is inspired by a scene in Stardust Crusaders where Dio uses his stand's powers to stop time and slams a steamroller agaist Jotaro. This attack was his super move in an arcade game based on the series, which is where it became popular in a memetic way.

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