Coballita Mix
Coballita Mix Character Stand




Guinea Pig medium hamster

Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by







Neutral B: Super Macho Man Powers

Coballita becomes invincible as she makes silly noises. She'll be immune to any attack, including final smashes, except for falling off the stage. However, when the little song ends, you won't be able to sing it again. The invincibility can be combined with any attack. After the invincibility moment, a flower grows on her head. Until it falls, she'll be unable to do the special again. The flower falls after a KO or suffering massive damage. Trying to try using this special method again will make her perform a random taunt instead.

Side B: Extreme Chase

Coballita dashes forth until her song comes to an end. She'll then need to wait 30 seconds until she's able to repeat it again. As she dashes, you can rack up a consecutive amount of hits upon rapidly changing direction.

Up B - Cybernetic Powers

Coballita uses her detector eyes to locate an area to grab using her mechanical arm. The crosshair represented is a large gray blot with a purple blot in the middle. She'll then shoot her arm forth and grapple upward at .4 of a fentosecond. Any enemies that don't block can be picked up and thrown.

Down B - Trap Coin

Coballita drops a false coin which looks like any other real coin during the match. When someone touches it, a cat's head will appear, inexplicably dealing a massive amount of damage and knockback.

Final Smash - What Type Of Series Is This?

Coballita first disappears from the battlefield in the blink of an eye. During this, opponents have 3 seconds to leave the screen. The screen then zooms out to show a Fat Red Hamster on the couch watching the fight. He'll then throw her remote at the television screen, instantly KO-ing anyone left on the screen. Coballita then laughs at the losers along with those that escaped. The fight will proceed in the fat hamster's stage until the television changes to a new stage. You are to jump up there to enter that stage.


KOSFX1: "Oh No!"


Star KOSFX: "Noooooooo"

Screen KOSFX: "Help"


Up: *Turns into Oscar* "Oscar"

Sd: *Turns into Devil* "Devil"

Dn: "I'll catch you, damn cat!"

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