Ciego que en realidad ve
Ciego Character Stand
"Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego Ciego que en realidad ve!"




Venga Monjas

Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by

Xavier Daura






Neutral B: He notices the cheese after opening it (he actually sees)

The Blind sits on a bench and takes a sandwich. If the sandwich has cheese, the Blind throws it away, with 1/5 possibilities of becoming an editable item when touching the floor. If not, he eats it, healing himself. The more you use this move, the more cheese sandwiches you get. Sometimes the sandwich can include weird ingredients like poisoned food (damages yourself) or even a Smash Ball.

Side B: He likes the "Red Bracalets" show, which is about some kids with shaved head

The Blind askes who's next to him for an autograph, paralising the opponent. The Blind can move while the opponent is writing. The longer the character's name is, the longer he/she will be paralised. You can only perform this move once per stock. During Bill Cipher's Final Smash, his autographs have infinite letters

Up B - Be careful, an obstacle!

The Blind changes his stand pose to avoid obstacles like traps or items. When he touches one of them with his cane, he'll perform a jump and fall while lying on a bench. In Mid Air, this jump is automatic.

Down B - We see him peeing on the middle of the street. Ah, no, he's is joking, he tricked us... Twice because he isn't blind neither was a weak bladder...

The Blind pretends he's peeing, but he's not. If he's attacked when he reveals the trick, he'll reflect projectiles and counter melee attacks. To avoid spam, the trick is revealed in a random number of seconds. He can control this time during Bill Cipher's Final Smash.

Final Smash - Careful, the traffic light is red. He dosen't dissimulate, is a crack!

The stage turns into an street and the Blind and the other characters try to cross it. Then a car comes and runs over all the trapped opponents while the Blind avoids it. Depending of the stage, the car and its propieties are different.


KOSFX1: "Eeeeeh!"

KOSFX2: "Motherfucker!"

Star KOSFX: "Be careful!"

Screen KOSFX: "He tricked us... twice!"


Up: "The is material left from the first part"

Sd: "He isn't blind, and neither pees much"

Dn: "DO DO DO DO!"