Chuck Norris is a famous American star and Internet meme, appearing as a non-playable character in Smash Bros. Lawl.

As a boss

Chuck Norris takes place as the final boss of Classic Mode, serving as the Master Hand of the game. After the player defeats the last opponent on Final Destination, the background changes to a view in space while Norris, all giant, rises from the background and brings his left hand to the stage. His hand's HP changes depending on the difficulty setting.

His attack pattern is currently unknown.

When the player defeats his left hand, Chuck Norris gives him or her a thumbs up, and then the screen changes to his or her ending, where Chuck grants the character's wish.

As part of a Final Smash

Chuck Norris appears as Nostalgia Critic's former Final Smash, American Idol. Upon the Critic mouthing the name, Chuck appears and delivers 50% damage to anyone nearby, enough to one-hit KO.

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