Character Ranking is how characters stack up in different statistics.

Rank Explanations

Base Stats

  • Weight: Weight is the calculation of how heavy a character plays or feels. Weight plays a major role in determining knockback; while heavyweights may be harder to knock off-stage, lightweights may be easier to KO. Weight is also normally paired up with speed and power.
  • Walking Speed: Walking Speed determines how fast or slow a character moves during their walking animation. This gives characters some ground mobility, but not too much.
  • Dashing Speed: Dashing Speed determines how fast or slow a character moves during their running/dashing animation. Like walking speed, this stat does well in giving characters their mobility on the ground, as it is seen as being more useful.
  • Air Speed: Air Speed determines how some characters move in the air. This adds a new category in air mobility that some characters that may lack land mobility can utilize.
  • Falling Speed: Falling Speed determines how a character deals with falling in midair. Falling speed can play a major role in how well a character can recover. Unlike the other base stats, lower falling speed is normally a good thing.
  • Jump 1: Jump 1 is how high a character can jump with their standard jump.
  • Jump 2: Jump 2 is how high a character can jump with their second/double jump.
  • Strength: Strength is how powerful a character's attacks generally are in both damage and knockback.
  • Defense: Defense is how resistant a character is to damage.

Move Related Stats

These stats are typically used to determine the effects of certain moves. Character that make use of these stats have moves that work differently on characters depending on the stat.

  • Horniness: Horniness is how attracted a character becomes to something that can be seen as arousing. Normally, Horniness can immobilize a horny opponent and stun them temporarily. Stun time depends on this stat, the higher it is, the longer they are stunned, and vice versa. Typically, Horniness is higher in male characters than female. So far, Panty, Scanty & Kneesocks, Haruhi and Jen Masterson make use of Horniness. Simon Belmont and Abridged Marik, however, make use of female Horniness.
  • Weird: Weirdness is how, well, weird a character is. Characters with high Weirdness can typically tolerate the weirder things thrown at them. Likewise, characters that are less weird tend to become weirded out easier. Haruhi and Aya Drevis make use of Weirdness.
  • Patience: Patience is how tolerant a character is to something boring or monotonous. The less patient a character is, the less tolerant they are towards boring things. Michael Rosen makes use of Patience.
  • Ego: Ego is how egotistical or how highly a character thinks of themselves. When a character has a high ego, then they feel better when complimented, as they normally think highly of themselves. J. Jonah Jameson makes high use of this stat, and this stat is also a factor used in calculating Carlos Trejo's Hate List.
  • IQ: IQ is overall how smart a character is. Similar to Weirdness, IQ also determines how tolerant a character is to something stupid. Tomo Takino, TripYuno, Best Waluigi, Hans Moleman, and Karkat Vantas make use of IQ.
  • Darkness: Not present in the original Lawl. Darkness is the measure of how much darkness rests within a character's heart. High Darkness is associated with characters with low moral standards or villainous tendencies. Sora, Fluttershy and Markiplier make use of Darkness.
  • Manliness: Exclusive to Lawl Nova. Manliness determines how manly a character is. Jorgen's Wand makes use of Manliness.

Subjective Stats

These stats are typically depending on the Lawl and the creator. Because of that, these stats are almost never universal.

  • Awesome: Awesomeness is how much a lawl creator likes a character.
  • Lulzage: Lulzage is how funny a character is.
  • Source: A replacement to the Awesome meter in Lawl Nova. Source determines if the source where the character is from is good or bad. The Academy Award item makes use of Source.

Other Stats

  • Classic Rank: Classic Rank determines when during Classic Mode a character will appear. Characters in Classic Rank Low appear before the first rival, while Classic Rank Top characters appear after the first rival/before the second rival.
  • Natural Playstyle: Natural Playstyle is the way the character naturally plays, depending on their moveset. These are categorized with:
    • All-Around: An all-around character is a character that has a move or ability to fit almost every occasion, though they usually don't have any strengths. This classification has been disbanded in Lawl.
    • Offensive: Usually, Offensive characters like getting in their opponent's face with good attacks, but aren't too great from a distance.
    • Powahouse: Usually, Powerhouse characters trade off speed for raw attack power.
    • Defensive: Defensive characters usually have many projectiles or traps to keep the opponent at a distance.
    • Camper: Characters who's playstyle revolves highly around placing Traps and gaining advantages from overall excellent stage control.
    • Boss: The moveset of a Boss character usually involves commanding and messing with opponents, usually through "hiring" them.
    • LOL: The joke character. A character that was make to suck. Most LOL characters have slow or weak attacks, or moves that damage themselves.
  • Nationality: Nationality is where the character hails from. John Di Micco makes use of Italian Nationalities besides John players.
  • Social Class: Social Class is where the character falls within the social ladder.

Character Rankings

Note: This list gets updated when new characters are added.


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