• Exotix7

    I'm just doing "The Main 5 Lawls" for now to keep things simple. Note that lots of these opinions here are very outdated and more up to date reviews might come another day. Enjoy and good luck to those who have initially reacted in similar ways. 

    I.M. Meen

    Oh, that guy from Mysterious Pirate’s videos. Not surprised if he was animated by the same studio behind the CD-I characters.

    The King

    So that’s why YTPguy never considered him for his Empty Slots! I actually thought he’d make a better assist trophy.

    Nostalgia Critic

    I have not seen any of his reviews. I hate it when reviewers reference things and expect all of us to get it.


    He’s essential for Lawl because “THIS IS SPARTA!”

    Tommy Wiseau

    The Room looks boring.


    Is this supposed to b…

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  • Peez-dah

    New Lawl Requirements

    September 20, 2017 by Peez-dah

    Hey guys! It's me Peez-Dah, and I've been in talks with the staff of the wiki and we've decided to set new requirements in order to be added here. The current rules didn't really set any challenge to being added to a wiki seen with such high standard from Lawlers alike, so here are the new standards required to be added:

    1. Must have positive recognition from 4-5 Lawlers who're on the origins wiki

    2. Approval from Chincherrinas

    Please do not add any Lawls that do not reach these requirements, for they will be removed immediately.

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  • Exotix7

    I mean, if I did my own character reviews, I'd probably say a lot of things that Daniel and Skapokon already covered. Would you guys mind if I just stated my embarrassing first reactions to each character in their respective movesets, the ones on this wiki that I've watched?

    "What's Madotsuki got to do with internet phenomena?" -Me, Lawl's Facebook Camp, after Christmas 2012.

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  • ThatCheesyBastard

    Hello everyone!

    So, I've noticed that the Playstyles on the Character Rankings page are just a bit outdated. A lot of them are very basic terms that don't particularly describe the exact type of character they are. So, I've created a template of playstyles based on the ones shown on Kurogane Hammer (a Smash 4 database website). These go into more detail on the exact kind of character you're playing or how they should be played. Don't take this completely to heart, but I do hope we can start to implement this in other Lawls and in the descriptions of the Wiki pages. Tell me what you think or what characters you think would be changed to match this chart.

    Playstyles Transferred from Smash Bros:
    All-Rounder - Characters who have a diverse kit wi…

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  • ThatCheesyBastard

    I get a lot of questions about various things relating to my videos. Many questions. Many. ​So, I decided to make a handy dandy so that I can be like all the other cool kids.

    If you're wondering why there's a 45 at the end, apparently the name "ThatCheesyBastard" was already taken...somehow.

    I'll answer any question ya got, so feel free. Even the trollish questions because I have nothing better to do apparently :D

    It can be about Lawl, other videos, plans for the future and so on, no matter how frivilous. I'm ready to torture myself.


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  • Peez-dah

    Hey guys! It's me, Peez-Dah, and we're now gonna start our first fight! What will basically happen is that I will state what the fight is in the comments, and then you all will respond with who you'd think would win that fight. Try to consider all possibilities rather than just the specials, unless the characters in question don't have stats. I have a bracket set up for all of the characters, made at complete random, so be prepared to argue about lawl characters in the comments. Happy lawling!

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  • Peez-dah

    Hey guys! It's me, Peez-Dah, and I've been pondering on an idea for the past couple of weeks. I remember back in the days of Daniel Clayton that he had started a little competition titled "The Best Lawl Character". This was an idea (although I hadn't participated in) I found to be quite an exciting and interesting concept to see. Needless to say I was a huge fan of it, and I had wondered if a reboot of it would be possible. The only issue is how many characters are on the wiki now. It may seem bold to want to start this kind of tournament back up, specially since it would be extremely time consuming and would require quite a bit of effort to make, I would still like to start it back up in the "Best Lawl Character: REBOOT". It's the same ki…

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    I'm only staying on this wiki since the universe of smash bros lawl wiki got crappy.

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    NOTE: I'm not including my own Lawl.

    1. L-NEO (Renegade Jade/Favs/Memer Jones)
    2. Battle For Lawl Island (Mbest777/Mike Best)
    3. Lawl United (Richard Adamson)

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Austin A is adding his awful Lawl to the wiki.

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Good News!

    April 14, 2017 by JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Skapokon said that he is going to reupload 60's Batman!

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Why am I upset? Because Lawl Nova's 60's Batman moveset has been blocked!

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Awesome Lawl Character! Captain N

    Okay Lawl Character John Egbert

    Meh Pyro

    Awful Lawl Character! Carlos Trejo


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  • ShadBad88

    Alrighty, so, there's been some debating recently. It's a thought that's been brewing, but I feel like it has to be said.

    With all the drama and issues circulating this wiki as of late, who here thinks that Steven should have his bureaucrat privileges removed and have them instead transfered over to Skapokon? 

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  • Daniel Clayton13

    As the ***official*** Daniel Clayton ***shitposter*** of this website, I'm going to rank each Lawler who is in this Wikia and it will become official apparently. 


    Chincherrinas - nothing tops the original


    ThatCheesyBastard - good job, you totally redeemed yourself mate! You're pretty much at Chincherrinas' level of video editing.

    Ytpguy17 - Yeah, I would always consider him the second best, but after a really long absence, I sorta feel like TCB has overtaken him, but he's still pretty good and even his old movesets still rival most of today's. 

    ShadBad88 - Also known for making a complilation of every Lawler's roster back in 2015 has a Lawl. You're also exceeding expectations very quickly. Original, fun movesets with great animatin…

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    I'm not trying to be annoying, I just think DewBawk ProDuckShuns' Lawl should be here.

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Guys, I'm sorry for being a selfish @$$hole in the Lawl community. I was just so obsessed that my movesets were getting better and better that I realized that I kept annoying other Lawlers. Then I started getting bullied by other users in the Lawl fandom like Sonny Slaven and Daniel Clayton. Also, I hope you understand this and I am sorry. Can you guys forgive me?

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  • ShadBad88

    Let's have a lil talk

    March 28, 2017 by ShadBad88

    Recently this wiki's seen some drama circulating on page comments, blog posts, and user pages. Usually it's a large argument with insults being flung at both sides. And this increase in drama, to be frank, is really annoying. 

    The point of this post isn't to call out anybody in particular, or to point to specific instances of this happening. All I want to say, is that this discorse is getting to be really absurd. The point of this wiki is for it not to become a shitshow like the other wiki. Proper pages and spinoffs are one thing, and the other is the lack of a toxic environment. And so far, the latter is creeping its way in here.

    I'm not taking sides. I'm not shaming anyone. If you have a personal problem with someone, take it somewhere else…

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy


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  • Hammer Man Ghostal

    This list is of all the April Fool's movesets ranked by their effectiveness as a joke rather than the usual standards.

    1. Lawl Logo (The ultimate April Fool's character.)

    2. Plush Pichu (The fact that he is just a plush toy with no potential pretty much sells it.)

    3. Wally (It fits every single aspect that a moveset shouldn't be, but in a hilarious way)

    4. Guidance Pit

    5. Keygen

    6. Joe Harding

    7. Mr. Enter

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    1. Weird Al I find him really funny

    2. Zoolander I find him just funny

    3. Mama Luigi He's the very first Lawl moveset I have ever watched in my entire life!

    4. Gaston A cool Dinsey Character

    5. Haruhi She's sexy

    6. Dr. Robotnik "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG'S CARTOON!" Yes. I hate the AOSTH because it was a rip off to Road Runner. I still like Robotnik though. And I also like Sonic SAT am.

    7. Frollo He maybe overrated but I still like him.

    8. Panty and Stocking Never seen the show, but I would prefer them to speak english.

    9. Nostalgia Critic A cool reviewer like Chester A. Bum

    10/11/12. Dr Willy/Bison/Guile I like them all the same way. And their funny

    13. Billy Mays R.I.P :'(

    14. Madosuki I have played her game, but it's creepy. So I'll give her a meh.

    15. …

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  • JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    A question

    March 16, 2017 by JMan 12 The Cool Guy

    Can I please add my characters from my remastered Lawl to this wiki since I improved my work?

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  • Peez-dah

    ARL Removed His Videos

    February 25, 2017 by Peez-dah

    Hey guys, this is just a quick callout to those who remember ARL's videos, it seems that he deleted all his content. If anybody remembers the victory & losing poses for his characters, please edit the pages and add them. I don't remember much, so contribute if you can.

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  • ShadBad88

    So today I uploaded a non-Lawl video on my channel; I like doing these side videos as a way to relax and add some variety to my channel (since I had some spare time today). But then I end up getting this as my first comment;

    Like... I always love seeing comments of people excited about my series, because it reminds me of the excitement I had first watching Lawl videos back in the old days. But... comments like this on a video that ISNT about Beatdown whatsoever kinda irk me, especially because it's nitpicking on two minor errors in previous videos (he left the same comment on Karkat's moveset too btw), and pulls the "first!!1!" comment card.

    I'm gonna be deleting comments like these from here on out, mainly because comments about Beatdown on…

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  • Skapokon

    Could anybody please help me clean up all the stuff that some dude has been adding to the pages? I have no idea why would anyone spend their precious time editing this wiki to add "Skapokon's Lawl" to all the Lawl Nova characters despite the fact that "Skapokon's Lawl" hasn't been a thing ever since Yzma's moveset. I could do it alone, but it's way too much for me.

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  • Hammer Man Ghostal

    Do you think we could add his current characters (GIR and Tito Dick) to this wiki, or should we wait until later to do so (in other words, when more of his roster is completed)?

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  • Exotix7

    but apparently Chin has liked and commented on Best Marisa's moveset. This means everyone from Lawl MAD must have their own pages.

    Also, can we get all of Aitor's movesets on this wiki already as he's also supposed to have a promotion.

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  • Hammer Man Ghostal

    There were several  people who made a Lawl moveset or two, but then stopped for a while. From what I am guessing, they are waiting for the game's beta to be released.

    TheMrL01 said he was going to do a moveset for Knuckles Boom, but I haven't heard from him since.

    D92Engima explained his status on a recent video, so that's been taken care of.

    TheCelticFlash, who made Gaben's moveset stated a couple of characters he would be doing in 2015, but we haven't heard about it in a while.

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  • Hammer Man Ghostal

    Everyone has been doing a list like this, so I decided to do one too. I am also including some of the minor Lawls as well.

    Explanations will be here later.

    Original (Chincherrinas)

    1. Weird Al

    2. The King

    3. IM Meen

    4. Dr. Robotnik

    5. Mama Luigi

    6. Billy Mays

    7. Gaston

    8. Frollo

    9. Best Hercules

    10. Nostalgia Critic

    11. AVGN

    12. Tommy Wiseau

    13. J. Jonah Jameson

    14. Hank Hill 

    15. Toon Dr. Wily

    16. Toon Bison

    17. Toon Guile

    18. Mary 

    19. Ib

    20. Irate Gamer

    21. Madotsuki

    22. Don Ramon

    23. Zoolander

    24. Haruhi

    25. New Hercules

    26. Leonidas

    27. Panty and Stocking

    28. Aya

    29. Nicolas Cage

    30. Jaime Maussan

    31. Scanty and Kneesocks 

    32. Downfall Hitler

    33. Yomika

    34. Carlos Trejo

    35. Codec Snake


    1. SpongeBob

    2. Patrick Star

    3. Wreck-It Ralph

    4. Dark Helmet

    5. Bill Nye

    6. CD-i Li…

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  • Skapokon

    For what I know, this wiki is only for Lawls that have recieved approval by Chincherrinas himself. Well, if you check Aitor Molina's Facebook page, he has been holding an Empty Slot in the style of the recent Classic Mode Vote. One of those Match-Ups was Sans vs Bender, and did you know who was one of Bender's supporters? Claudio Cárdenas, AKA: Chincherrinas. Think about it, why would Chin vote in an Empty Slot if he doesn't like a Lawl Spin Off?

    This is why I think that Lawl of the Dead should join this wiki. What do you think?

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  • Servbot Rambo

    I'm sorry...

    January 9, 2016 by Servbot Rambo

    Okay, considering I'm close to 100 subscribers, I feel like I owe an apology.

    I know I already did an update video on this, but I will admit I have been a bit lazy when it comes to SBLR. I have most of the movesets typed up, but I sort of gave up at the editing. BUT NO MORE,


    First of all, moveset videos will be happening due to the unknown release date of the Lawl fangame. The roster has been completely redone, with both new and old characters from the last picture. I'll just say the beginning era will have 12 characters.

    Also, I've been considering renaming Lawl Revengeance considering it has nothing to do with the over-the-top game it's named aft…

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  • Pookasora

    Hey guys, i'm making a lawl, it's called (well, it's the title of the frickin' blog entry) here's the roster so far, i'll give hints about the shadowy figures below the first five characters.

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  • Exotix7


    August 1, 2015 by Exotix7

    This was YTPguy's "Pinkie Pie Joke Moveset". What was this video like when it was April Fools 2014? I missed it.

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  • Servbot Rambo

    Hey guys, Servbot here. You know, the guy who's making you wait 3 years for a Lawl spinoff? Well I've got an update that isn't suprising?

    Everyone in the world: "Revengeance is dead again?"

    Well, yes and no.

    I tried creating the video for Plumber Mario in Vegas, but it's really hard to use when you don't know what you're doing. So I had to give up and try something else.

    But then this video came around:

    Then I realized; I can create my characters still, but in the fangame! And on the plus side, people can actually PLAY WITH THEM!

    So now, Smash Bros Lawl Revengeance will be a part of the Smash Bros Lawl fangame (nonoffically). Since it'll be a long time since the game is actually released, I want to get started early on my first character, Plumbe…

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  • ShadBad88

    I am now going to assault your minds with another one of these All-Star updates.

    -Added John Di Micco

    What an interesting little character we have here. He looks so happy with himself on that roster. Good for him.

    Also I am pretty hyped for the next few Nova characters, especially Jade and Waluigi.

    You know the drill, leave some suggestions for how you think I should improve the positionings.

    Have a good one y'all.

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  • Servbot Rambo

    So, you know the Lawl fan game that DemicStudios is working on? Well, after Codec Snake's moveset was released, I asked DemicStudios if he could show Codec Snake next. He said he thought about it, but he was currently working on a grand new mode that was based on the Lawl slogan. 3 seconds later, I asked if it was an easy, MUGEN-like character creation system for people with little experience in coding.


                 *BTW, he also confirmed a mode to add your own custom music. half of the OST is gonna be YTPMVs for me.

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  • ShadBad88

    Guess what time it is folks?

    New characters means new roster update, and this one is pretty Ridley-sized big. I must apologize now for the lack of update, since I haven't been active recently here. But when Codec Snake was previewed, I've decided to add the final touches and bring the ol' super soldier-clone-animate codec box to the update;

    -Added Mary, Codec Snake, Dipper and 60's Spider-Man.

    Here they are. Look at this happy-ass family. All together to beat each other up in glorious combat. I'm particularly happy with how this turned out. Much more aesthetically pleasing than the old one, eh?

    Feedback and suggestions are welcome down there.

    What are ya waitin' for? Chinese New Year? Go! Go! Go! Read more >
  • Exotix7

    Out of interest, can somebody make a debut order list of all the characters? (Oldest to Newest E.G. Roughly guessing, New Hercules to Elsa.)

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  • ShadBad88

    So... progress. The only characters I have left are Leonidas, Bores, Yomika, Maussan, Wily and Zoolander (Bores is still gonna be a pain in the ass to track down). Y'all can expect it to be done sometime this week.

    As most of you can see, I've uploaded Daniel's custom CSS. It was requested because he is leaving the Lawl community and wanted it for memories sake. The characters are organized in a special way;

    • Row 1- YouTube Poop 1, Female Anime Protags, YouTube Poop 2, YouTube Poop other.
    • Row 2- MLP, Spongebob, Disney Cartoons, Adult Swim, Disney.
    • Row 3- TF2, Sora, P&SwG, Bison, Misc celebrities.
    • Row 4- Internet Personalities, Villains, YuGiOh Abridged, Ib, Yume Nikki, and So-Bad-It's-Good.
    • They are all derived from Daniel's Top 50. Their placem…
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  • Servbot Rambo

    I'm back!

    February 20, 2015 by Servbot Rambo

    Hey guys, Servbot here! I know I've been gone for a while, but I'm back with an announcement! I'VE GOT SONY VEGAS! Well, in my video I say I got VideoPad but like immediately after I posted the vid someone told me how to get Vegas lol

    BTW here's the character selection screen. This isn't the whole roster, and the mystery characters aren't guaranteed to be in, but this is just the rough draft, if you will.

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  • ShadBad88

    Remember this?

    Now obviously, since Chincerrinas updated the Lawl CSS, it seemed as if the grand roster needed a Sm4sh overhaul. Currently, the different character icons are being worked on. So, I decided to throw together a preview of what it might look like using The King, Hitler and the latest from the other four.

    Definitely more ascetically pleasing than the Brawl style, huh?

    Obviously, this is a work in progress; the icons won't be that big, there won't be that obnoxious gap in the middle, ect. I just wanted to give y'all a general idea of it all.

    YTPguy and ARL's character icons are finished, X and Nova are in the works, and Lawl is missing a few characters, from finding new higher quality art to poses that I need to hunt down still. Cur…

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  • Danny.clayton.96387

    Why? Just why did of all the characters that could have been done, did you people decide to vote for Timmy's Dad? Instead of someone unique, you went for a cliched dumbass dad who's a terrible one at that and hasn't been funny for ages! It's ridiculous! I haven't been this boggled over a choice since Chin thought Carlos Trejo belonged anywhere near a sentence with the word 'funny' in it. Hell this is probably the final straw that made me want to leave this fandom. I'm not saying you can't like Timmy's Dad but but over the rest of the choices you could have voted for? Explain people!

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  • Servbot Rambo

    Something I made

    November 30, 2014 by Servbot Rambo

    Hey there guys, Servbot Rambo is back! Since Lawl has changed from a Brawl design to a Smash 4 design, the trophies should do the same! I just made these in Powerpoint, and if you want me to make one, just leave it in the comments!

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  • TheStarman

    Stocking Rose is Jon Watson

    September 29, 2014 by TheStarman

    There, I said it. I've knew it all along, and I just felt the need to say it after over a year, it's been that long......I've must've been doing a damn good job hiding the fact that I knew she was Watson all along. Steven was cyber sex-ing with Watson all along. 

    So, since you've clicked here to read about the shocking truth, wanna know how I know she's Watson? Well, here's my evidence. 

    1. Stocking Rose joined this wiki the day after Watson closed his I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE account, from there, Stocking Rose still had an interest in Amy Rose, fusing her with Stocking to make that damn account in the first place.

    2. She always roleplays with the wiki, something that Watson himself has been doing for a while. 

    3. Watson and Stocking both have the same…

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  • Danny.clayton.96387

    It's finally here! The second tournament to determine who is the best at multiple player matches. Now just some things you need to know:

    • There's no time limit
    • Each character has one stock
    • Items don't apply (unless a charcter has a move based around items)
    • Stage design also doesn't apply (pretend their fighting on final destination)
    • Think about eliminations as well and how that may effect the match when one or two are taken out the picture

    Now that that's out the way, for this round only, I'm gonna do things differently. Instead of a random order, I'm gonna put the battles up from the highest ranking players from last round to the worst (with the new guys going last). So for the first round:

    Spongebob vs Haruhi vs Fluttershy vs J. Jonah Jameson


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  • JB Ninja…

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  • ShadBad88

    Go-go-Gadget Lawl Roster!

    • Added Inspector Gadget. He has taken Cosmo's old spot next to Doof. He's kinda put in the middle of YTP-Celebrity status, which is what Row 3 is all about.
    • Robotnik has been moved to Row 1, along with (temporarily) Wily. My plan is to swap Wily with AOSTH Sonic to make Row 1 the most notable YTP sources (CD-I games, IM Meen, AOSTH, Mario cartoon).
    • Leonidas has been moved down to Row 2 to sit along with Willy Wonka. They've formed the Memetic Group (YTP characters more known for their memetic status).
    • Cosmo has been moved next to Kaiba, to keep the Cults closer together.
    • Jaime and Don Ramon have swapped places.
    • The Toons and the YouTubers have also swapped places.

    Like I said, I already have a plan regarding AOSTH Sonic a…

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  • Danny.clayton.96387

    If Lawl all-stars was actually made, what would the rivals be. If the rivals were Chin's characters vs 3rd party characters, I'd imagine it'd go like this:

    The King vs CD-i Ganon I.M. Meen vs Ophelia Chill Nostalgia Critic vs Scout Leonidas vs CD-i Link Tommy Wiseau vs Mr Bean Madotsuki vs Serph Avgn vs ? Mama Luigi vs CD-i Mario Dr Robotnik vs Sheldon Cooper Irate Gamer vs Hitoshi Frollo vs Michael Rosen Gaston vs Heavy Hitler vs Agk P&S vs Smosh Billy Mays vs Morshu Yomika vs Pyro Toon Guile vs Soldier Toon Bison vs ? Ib vs ? Hank Hill vs Engineer S&K vs ? Nicolas Cage vs Spongebob Best Hercules vs Worst Hercules Jaime Maussan vs Cosmo Don Ramon vs Robbie Rotten Toon Wily vs Doofenshmirtz Haruhi vs Konata Zoolander vs ? New Hercules vs Wr…

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  • ShadBad88

    It is done.

    June 20, 2014 by ShadBad88

    The banner to end all banners. I present to you all, the grand YTP-Celebrity-Cult banner;

    This was a labor of love, and a pretty fun project to work on. And yes, this will be updated with every new character released. So sit back and admire this beautiful clusterfuck of a cast.

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  • ShadBad88

    I bet you weren't expecting this, huh? Yeah, I've been pretty busy with school (and entering film contests with my TV group), so my time to do things was pretty limited. Now that my summer has begin, I pledge to be more active and do more things.

    Like this thing right here;

    So a master at a children's card game, a candy maker and a pirate walk into a tournament. Now they are all packaged into this Lawl-Stars update.

    • Added Abridged Kaiba (Row 7, beneath Madotsuki), Willy Wonka (Row 7, beneath Ramon/Trejo) and Toon Guybrush (Row 8, next to Toon Dr. Mario).
    • The Mexicans and the Reviewers are now in Row 6, as the Hercs are now in Row 7.
    • Jameson has been squeezed between the Reviewers and the Mexicans.
    • With Kaiba beneath Maddy, The Singers and the fo…

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