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Smash Bros. Lawl

Big Red is a creature found inside Madotsuki's dreams, appearing as a Subspace Emissary boss.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

Big Red appears in ??? (Madotsuki's dream world), found at the end of The Sewers. When Madotsuki encounters it, Big Red roars and a battle ensues. After it's defeated, Big Red tries to swallow Madotsuki in a last-ditch attempt to eat her, but she is saved by the Nostalgia Critic, who fires his gun and blows up the monster as Madotsuki and the Critic escape. It turns out that the battle (as well as the stage itself) was a dream, never fought in the real world.


  • Big Red reaches out to swallow the player, resulting in a one-hit KO.
  • If the attack misses, Big Red roars and summons a hand from the left part of the screen to knock the player closer to its maw.
  • If the hand is struck, Big Red will descend from the top part of the screen to swallow the player while Kyukyu-kun rubs the hand. Tricking Big Red to swallow Kyukyu-kun will make it vulnerable. Eventually, the hand will regain consciousness, damaging the player on contact.


Big Red, or whatever it's called, is a character from Yume Nikki, found at the end of the Sewers. It serves as a decorative character, transporting Madotsuki to the Windmill World when Madotsuki walks into its large gaping maw.

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