The Bicycle Tracks





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Smash Bros. Lawl

Bicycle Tracks is a subspace emissary stage in Smash Bros Lawl.


Tommy Wiseau, Madotsuki, and the Nostalgia Critic wake up on a park bench, with the Critic noticing the bicycle tracks left by the Irate Gamer. He immediately follows the tracks with Wiseau and Madotsuki following behind.

The Irate Gamer, now being persued by the Critic and his allies, calls Ganondorf for backup. Ganondorf declines at first, but he decides to order Xerxes and Dr. Robotnik to send their troops for an ambush anyway. While IG hides in a bush, the three heroes fight off the mooks. Following the IG, the Critic orders Wiseau and Madotsuki to split up and find the Bores, but Wiseau follows a butterfly instead. A Shadow Bug-copy of the Irate Gamer trophies the Critic with its Dark Cannon and infuses Shadow Bugs to clone him.

Meanwhile, Tommy Wiseau is still following the butterfly before the false Nostalgia Critic shoots it, prompting Wiseau to attack him. Unfortunately for Wiseau, Madotsuki arrives and tries to protect the clone, presumably mistaking the clone as the real Critic, which forces Wiseau to fight Madotsuki and the false Critic alone. When Wiseau defeats both of them, he revives Madotsuki, and the false Nostalgia Critic dissolves into Shadow Bugs. They notice the false Irate Gamer holding the real Critic as hostage, attempting to lure them into a trap. Madotsuki revives the Critic, and the false Bores jumps out of a bush and prepares to fight the heroes. Nostalgia Critic taunts the IG clone by laughing mockingly... until he sees that the clone gains more Shadow Bugs, tripling its size. Despite its size, the three heroes defeat it with ease. Chasing the real Irate Gamer some more, the Critic and his allies encounter him in a wasteland. Just before the Critic and friends think they've cornered the Bores, they meet a surprise...

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