Best Pinkie Pie
Best Pinkie Pie bg




Cookie Swirl C

Appears in

Lawl Liquid Crystal





Played by

Cookie Swirl C/Candice


Best SpongeBob


MS Paint Girl (MS Paint Guy's Sister)

On-Screen Appearance

Chocolatey Chippy Cookies!

Cookie Swirl C's intro starts with the cookie with the face, Best Pinkie appears behind it, Takes a bite and proceeds to enter the match.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special - Cupcake Maker

Best Pinkie takes out a cupcake container. When opponents throw projectiles into the container, said projectiles will be sucked into the container. Depending on what items are thrown into the container, it can create a cupcake. There are many kinds of cakes Best Pinkie can make. The cupcakes CAN be destroyed depending on what cupcake it is. (Examples: Normal Cupcakes can be destroyed with a few strong attacks, while a Fire Cupcake can be destroyed with either water of ice attacks.) If the cupcake isn't destroyed, it will disappear after 15 seconds, and after this you can't use this move for 10 more seconds.

Side Special - Pink Glue

Best Pinkie shoots some glittery glue at the opponent, making them pink. While they are pink, their attacks are weaker. The pink effect will wear off in 10 seconds.

Up Special - Birthday Cake Pop-Out

Best Pinkie will get into a giant cake and shoots herself upward. When the cake explodes, anyone near it will be harmed. 

Down Special - Twisty Doo Hair

While equipped with the colorful hair, you are protected from the back and top. Any projectiles thrown at the hair will stick to Pinkie's mane. If attacked, you will lose your hair. This move DOES have cool-down, 1 minute actually.

Final Smash - Pinkie Pie Piñata

In this Final Smash, Pinkie summons a giant Pinata version of herself onto the battlefield. Once the Pinata starts shaking, you better start running, because out of it will come multiple MLP Squishy Pops Balls that deal immense damage! Best Pinkie cannot be harmed by the balls herself, however she can attack them at opponents.


KOSFX1: "Aah!"

KOSFX2: "Ah!"

Star KOSFX: "Aaaaaaah!"

Screen KOSFX: "Oh no!"


Up: *Jumps up and down, cheering*

Sd: "Just you try to beat me!"

Dn: "You know what fixes everything? SPRINKLES!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: "Bye Cookie Fans! Whoo!"

Victory 2: "Hee hee! That was so much fun!"

Victory 3: *Jumping up and done while exclaiming "Lets go eat cookies!"*

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