asdfland is a stage in Lawl Nova. It is Asdfguy's stage.

Unlike most stages, it has several different phases:

  1. A simple, Final Destination-esque stage.
  2. A cliff with a sign as an extra platform. Trying to jump off the cliff will pull you back into the stage.
  3. A stage with a staircase.
  4. A planet with a UFO as an extra platform and low gravity.
  5. A backdrop with a horse. Sometimes, missiles may fall and cause damage on fighters.


  1. asdfmovie song - asdfmovie
  2. asdfmovie6 song - asdfmovie
  3. asdfmovie9 song - asdfmovie
  4. I Like Trains - asdfmovie
  5. Mine Turtle - asdfmovie
  6. Everybody Do the Flop! - asdfmovie
  7. Beep Beep I'm a Sheep - asdfmovie
  8. It's Muffin Time - Roomie