Ice Castle
Ice Castle




Frozen (2013)

Appears in

Lawl Nova

The Ice Castle is a stage in Lawl Nova. It serves as Elsa's Stage. The stage is based on the castle Elsa creates with her magic.

The stage has no hazards, besides slippery ground on the Ice Castle itself.


This stage was very different back when it was introduced in Elsa's Moveset. The whole layout was very different and seen from a very awkward view. In this version you mostly fight on the castle, unlike the current version where you mostly fight on the mountain.

The stage got a redesign in the first Volume of Stages, gaining the design it has today.

However, it got sightly modifyed in the first Volume of Assist Trophies, where the Castle's platform was made bigger.


  • Let it Go (Instrumental) - Frozen
  • Frozen Heart (Instrumental) - Frozen
  • Summit Siege - Frozen
  • Frozen World Battle Theme - Kingdom Hearts III (Imagined)
  • Frozen World Field Theme - Kingdom Hearts III (Imagined)
  • Shiver Mountain - Paper Mario
  • Temple of Droplets - Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
  • In Summer (Instrumental) - Frozen

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