Anime Dystopia
Anime Dystopia




Anime Festival Special

Appears in

Lawl What If

Anime Dystopia is a stage in Lawl What If. It's based on the Internet Explorer Anime Festival Special and it serves as Inori Aizawa's home stage.

This stage replaces Battlefield in Lawl What If, which is why it shares layout with it.


  • "Divided Singularity" (Internet Explorer - Anime Festival Special)
  • "Robot to Tatakau" (Baschfire)
  • "Restart, Breakdown, Emotion" (Erase Emotion)
  • "Inori Party" (Erase Emotion)
  • "Inori Takes Over the Internet" (Erase Emotion)
  • "Fighting the Viruses" (Erase Emotion)
  • "Inori Aizawa is Thankful" (Erase Emotion)

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