All-Stars I Part 1 is a single-player event match in Smash Bros. Lawl.

As an available character of the player's choice, the player must defeat the event's set of Round 1 opponents. The first part takes place at Gaston's pub, where the player must defeat Mama Luigi, I.M. Meen, AVGN, Hank Hill, Dr. Robotnik, Tommy Wiseau, and Madotsuki one by one.

After these opponents are defeated, the player is warped to the Notre Dame to fight Frollo and Gaston. Every CPU has one stock, while the player has two, which is the same with the other All-Star Matches.

Event Description

"Mama Luigi, I.M. Meen, AVGN, Hank, Robotnik, Wiseau, Mado, and the founders of the bros pose."


  • This event match is an allusion to another Chincherrinas series, The Frollo Show, as Frollo and Gaston are the last opponents, and the description refers to their creation, the Bros Pose.

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