The Fakir's Ship
Fakir's Ship




Spider-Man (1967)

Appears in

Lawl Nova

The Fakir's Ship is a Stage in Lawl Nova. It serves as 60's Spider-Man stage. It's based on The Fantastic Fakir's Steamboat, which appears in the episode "The Fantastic Fakir".

Sometimes, The Fantastic Fakir will make an appearence, and he'll play his flute to move blades and other sharp weapons to the players with magic.


  • Spider-Man's Theme - Spider-Man (PSX)
  • Action Stations - Spider-Man (1967)
  • Grand Prix - Spider-Man (1967)
  • Beat me 'till I'm blue - Spider-Man (1967)
  • Opening Theme - Spectacular Spider-Man
  • The Amazing Spider-Man - Michael Buble
  • Catgroove - Parov Stellar
  • Pizza Theme - Spider-Man 2 (Videogame)


  • Catgroove being on this stage is a reference to this video.

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