60's Electro




Spider-Man (60's Cartoon)

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Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

60's Electro is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros Lawl Nova. When summoned, Electro will spawn either four, six, or eight sets of mirrors around the stage. He will then shoot electric beams at them, breaking them. The beams do damage to the touch, and once he reaches half the amount of mirrors, he will yell out "You're RUNNING OUT OF MIRRORS!" and then continue. He disappears once he breaks them all. If he is damaged during his line, he will instantly disappear.

Effect Origin

In the episode "Electro: The Human Lighting Bolt", Electro traps Spidey inside a House of Mirrors and starts shooting lightings at those mirrors. After a while he yells the line and continues shooting at them before Spider-Man traps him.


  • If 60's Spider-Man is in battle (unless he summoned Electro), Electro will yell "You're running out of mirrors, Spider-Man!" rather than just "You're running out of mirrors!". Along with Toon Stan, this is the only Assist Trophy that has a change if certain character is in battle.
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